Would Dentures Help Me?
By Little Smiles and Big Smiles
May 16, 2019
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Dentures help most anyone suffering from tooth loss. Restoring proper speech, adequate chewing, and fuller facial contours, these artificiadenturesl teeth from your dentists at Little Smiles and Big Smiles in Fitchburg bring back people's lives. Dr. Islam Dehis and Dr. Yasmine Hassan offer a variety of denture options. One is right for you.

When you lose teeth...

So many things change--your appearance, the ability to bite, chew and taste food, the strength of remaining teeth, the density of gum tissue and bone, and of course, your self-confidence. For generations, dentures have helped people regain a good measure of these things.

The dentists at Little Smiles and Big Smiles in Fitchburg evaluate their fully or partially edentulous patients to explore which kind of denture would work for them. Photos, X-rays and oral impressions, along with the doctor's instructions, guide the dental lab in crafting these individualized prosthetics. Count on a result that looks good (and natural), balances the bite, stays in place, and is easy to care for.

Types of dentures

Little Smiles and Big Smiles offer styles of dentures which accommodate oral health needs and the budgetary concerns of their patients. Available styles are:

  • Partial dentures consist of one or more artificial acrylic teeth set on a light, but sturdy, frame. Partials attach to natural teeth with several clasps which ensure the dentures stay put.
  • Full conventional dentures replace either top or bottom arch, or both. They are 100 percent acrylic and stay in place via the natural suction of the mouth. Well-fitting conventional dentures need little to no adhesive. The dentist places these dentures after extraction sites heal completely.
  • Immediate dentures fit right over extraction sites right away, allowing the patient to leave the office with a complete smile. These tooth replacements must be refitted after gum and bone shrink.

Only one denture, however, maintains bone and gum tissue--the implant-supported denture. Two, four or six titanium implants hold these prosthetics firmly in place, and because the implants reside in the under the gums, they restore bone density to about 75 percent of the original hard tissue, reports Dear Doctor.

Could dentures help you?

Learn all the details at a denture consultation with Dr. Hassan or Dr. Dehis. We know you'll be pleased with your restored smile. Call the office today for an appointment in Fitchburg, MA, (978) 343-2630.


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